San Diego Lacrosse #1 seed in playoffsWith another big win in Week 9 for San Diego Lacrosse Club, it comes to a final game to decide the #1 seed. Taking down Venice Lacrosse Club 16-5, San Diego Lacrosse moves to 7-2 on the season. 40 Thieves Lacrosse Club traveled up to Orange County to play the highly experienced Quiksilver Lacrosse team and fell 14-2.

San Diego Lacrosse Club striving for 8-2


As week 10 approaches, both San Diego Lacrosse Club and 40 Thieves Lacrosse sit at 7-2. 40 Thieves has the two wins over SD Lax this season, but San Diego has 2 wins over Quiksilver, who took down 40 Thieves both times in 2017. SD will need to win out to ensure a #1 seed in the Southern Division and keep momentum going into the playoffs.

After missing the playoffs last year, San Diego Lacrosse Club is hungry to play some extra games this year. The final game will be against Adrenaline Lacrosse on May 21, 2017 at 10:00am, at Mission Bay Senior High School. Adrenaline sits at 0-9, so it is a good opportunity for the team to get ahead.