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San Diego Lacrosse

San Diego Lacrosse Club is one of the premier lacrosse clubs in San Diego. Our post-collegiate mens lacrosse team competes in Southern California against some of the top teams in the state. With a competitive lacrosse schedule year after year, San Diego Lacrosse spends much of the offseason finding new members to improve the squad.

With the 2021 season coming up, SDLC is working to finalize the roster soon. If you are interested in playing for SDLC, send us a message about joining SD Lax Club.

2021 Southern California Lacrosse Standings

The 2021 Southern California Lacrosse League (SCLAX) season will be underway soon! SCLAX is a post-collegiate competitive lacrosse league in California. There are 7 teams in Southern California and the winner of the South will play the winner from Northern California for the State Championship. Stay up to date with the current SCLAX Standings.

A diverse lacrosse team in San Diego

San Diego Lacrosse Club is made up of players from all over the World who want to continue competing in this sport after the college years. All members of the team played college ball and have played competitive lacrosse for years. As more people migrate to sunny San Diego, SD Lax Club is happy to accept those looking to continue playing lax.

If you are looking to play lacrosse in San Diego, we are always looking for fresh and talented lacrosse players to join, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

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